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Pelican ProGear Elite coolers can keep ice for more than 7 days and are extremely durable, but there are some issues with Pelican coolers that I want to share with you.

I’ve done a lot of research on the different types of coolers, the pros, and cons of each, and I even own a Pelican cooler. Don’t get me wrong, the Pelicans are great refrigerators and I absolutely love them, but no cooler will be perfect, and the Pelican is no exception. This list of pelican cooler reviews will help you make a better decision.

In a hurry? Consider choosing Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler As the best pelican cooler is the smallest of the Elite family. This everyday cooler is ideal for short trips or walks.

It can hold snacks and a 6-pack.

Best Pelican Cooler

The comparison chart below enlists all the best pelican coolers and after that, you can choose the one from pelican cooler reviews given below:

Image Product Features Price
Pelican Elite 250 Quart Cooler
  • Fish scales
  • Tie downs
  • Check Price
    Pelican 95 Quart Elite Cooler
  • Molded ties
  • Non-slip, non-slip raised feet
  • Check Price
    Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Rubber legs
  • Check Price
    Editors’ Pick
    Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler
  • Reinforced deadbolt with lock
  • Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Check Price

    Pelican Cooler Reviews

    1. Pelican Elite 250 Quart Cooler

    Pelican refrigerators come with high-quality latches that are safe and easy to use. However, we still feel that it has the durability to last a long time, and its score is well above the 3 and 4 received by the traditional models we tested.


    It was the penultimate model to break 40˚F in our insulation test, and it did so right after the Yeti Tundra and Engel.

    • 7-10 days of ice retention, unbelievably amazing
    • Gasket suitable for the freezer
    • 2 “polyurethane insulation
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • White in colour
    • Lifetime warranty: excellent
    • Press and pull the latches
    • 250 qt cooler has molded ties
    • Non-slip, non-slip raised feet
    • Inclined drain and leak-proof threaded recessed drain plug allows user to connect a garden hose
    • Durable rotomolded housing
    • Injection-molded swivel handles with over-molded grip
    • Housing with UV protection
    • Fish measuring ruler molded into the lid
    • This unit has non-slip, non-slip raised feet to maintain a solid grip on the floor when resting. It also has a sloped drain and threaded leak-proof recessed drain plug that allows users to connect a garden hose. Let this cooler take care of keeping your drinks cold.

    Overall it scored an 8 on our insulation test.

    Our Verdict

    The Pelican Elite 250 is a very large cooler, suitable for hunters who want to keep their game fresh or for boat anglers who want to prevent the fish they catch from spoiling until they get home.


    • Drain plug
    • Fish scales
    • Tie downs
    • Bear test


    • It is not cheap

    2. Pelican 95 Quart Elite Cooler

    The 95QT Elite Cooler is the first higher capacity addition of this brand.


    It is perfect for fishing, boating, camping, or hanging out at the beach, the newest Elite Cooler holds up to 95 litres of US fluid.

    All Elite Coolers are ruggedly built to meet military standards and are designed with tough polymer outer walls that feature an industry-leading 2 ”polyurethane foam core, allowing them to preserve ice for up to 10 days.

    Additional advanced features include secure push and pull latches, a freezer-grade O-ring seal, and dual handles for easy transport and tie-down.

    “Each Elite Cooler incorporates Pelican’s core DNA, making them as tough and reliable as the Pelican cases used by professionals working in extreme environments around the world,” said Lyndon Faulkner, president and CEO of Pelican Products, Inc. ‘It Doesn’t’ No matter if it’s a week-long fishing trip or multi-day hunting adventure, this new higher capacity cooler is designed to protect and keep food, game or drinks cold all the time”.

    Our Verdict

    Pelican includes rugged and protective consumer products designed to allow users to transport and protect everything they value, regardless of environmental conditions.


    • A fish scale integrated into the lid
    • Molded ties
    • Non-slip, non-slip raised feet


    • Heavy

    3. Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler

    Take the party wherever you go. This 76L cooler has durable wheels so you can take it to your camp. Pelican Elite Coolers are made with the same injection moulded technology as their famous gearboxes.

    With more than 5 cm of insulation, you can take a cold one even after a week away from home.


    • Push and pull latches provide great cold retention.
    • Injection-molded polyethylene is super strong and durable.
    • 5.1 cm polyurethane insulated freezer-safe gasket keeps ice frozen for up to 10 days.
    • Molded ties so you can hold them. The ties are molded and will not affect the opening or closing of the cooler lid.
    • Heavy-duty wheels and an extendable handle to move it when it is full.
    • Side carry handles help with transportation.
    • Non-marking raised non-slip feet to provide grip on uneven surfaces.
    • The drain makes cleaning easy.
    • The fish ruler integrated into the lid.

    This certification involves intense impact and penetration testing through the use of visual inspection, mechanical methods, and captive Grizzly Bear testing for extended periods.

    Our Verdict

    If you need to keep ice in the field, you need a White Pelican ™ 80 Qt Elite Cooler. We started with a clean sheet and took decades of experience in protective cases to build the best refrigerator in the world.


    • Press and pull latches
    • Built-in bottle opener
    • Rubber legs


    • The spout is made of cheap plastic that looks like it will fail over time when exposed to the sun and heat.
    • A little expensive

    4. Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler

    From field to field, and anywhere in between, Pelican Elite coolers are manufactured using the same injection moulding technology used in their famous gearboxes.

    The Progear 20qt is a great size for the beach, a weekend festival, or a short canoe trip.


    • Push and pull latches provide great cold retention.
    • Built with the same injection molding technology that has protected some of the world’s most precise equipment for decades.
    • 40% lighter than similar size hard side rotomolded coolers.
    • The gasket is suitable for the freezer with 2cm of polyurethane insulation.
    • Molded tie-downs so you can attach it exactly where you want it.
    • The large carry handle helps with transport.
    • 4 cup holders on the lid mean less spilled drinks.
    • Non-slip, non-slip raised feet provide a secure grip on various surfaces.

    After decades of many more innovations and expansions, Behrman Capital acquired Pelican Products, Inc. Over the years, new divisions would be created on continents around the world.

    Our Verdict

    The Pelican 20 Quart Cooler is for adventurers and travel enthusiasts, who take long camping trips and need a durable cooler for rugged use.

    Pelican coolers are similar to Yetis in their ice holding capabilities and work well for people who need to keep their beverages cold and safe for longer periods (7-10 days).


    • Over-molded carry handle,
    • 3-inch locking latches,
    • a reinforced deadbolt with lock,
    • stainless steel bottle opener, and


    • It’s not a big deal, but the front lock sticks out like a triangle in front of the fridge.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Pelican models can hold their own when it comes to effectiveness and storage capacity. Most of the time, these models will match the performance of the YETI models, and may even exceed them at times.

    However, even with its issues, this is a great cooler. It is affordable compared to other rotomolded refrigerators and has many great features. It has one of the best ice retentions in the industry and is the only bear-proof cooler even without locks, although it is not certified bear-proof without the locks.

    I rate the Pelican as the best cooler for the money and I think you will be very happy with your Pelican cooler. I’m sure I’m happy with mine.

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