Top 7 Best Newair Wine Cooler | Reviews & Buying Guide

NewAir, based in Cypress, California, is a leading manufacturer of wine coolers and other refrigeration products.

We have been using Newair products for over a decade, we started with buying a Newair evaporative cooler back then and then used Gold series wine coolers.

We always have a great experience with their quality products: they are faithful to their motto of excellence.

Newair is a great American success story: They started their business from a small garage over 15 years ago to a large warehouse and distribution centre.

In this review, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about NewAir and its various wine cooler options so you can start experiencing your carefully selected bottles the way you want.

In a hurry, consider choosing NewAir Wine 160 Bottle, AWR-1600DB as the best newer wine cooler. If you like to have a collection of medium-sized wines on hand and enjoy sipping or picking reds and whites, this fridge is well worth it, in my opinion.

It looks good, has plenty of storage space, and based on what I’ve already been told; it does the job it’s really done for.

Best Newair Wine Cooler

The comparison chart below enlists all the best newair coolers to help you choose the best one. Furthermore, there are newair wine cooler reviews below for better decisions.

Image Product Features Price
Newair AWR-290DB Wine Cooler
  • Tinted glass to limit the penetration of UV rays
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Safe
  • Check Price
    Editors’ Pick
    Newair Wine Cooler 160 Bottle Chiller, AWR-1600DB
  • Powerful compressor
  • Triple-layer glass
  • Tree- rail sliding
  • Check Price
    Newair AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle
  • Fast and powerful compressor
  • 11 Beachwood Shelves
  • Precise temperature control
  • Check Price
    Newair NWC029SS01 Wine Cooler
  • 6 Removable beech wood shelves
  • Silent compressor
  • Adjustable beech wood
  • Check Price
    Newair Beverage Cooler 22 Bottle and 70 Can, AWB-400DB
  • Racks slide smoothly
  • SPLITSHELF” design
  • Two zones with independent temperature
  • Check Price
    Newair Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle Capacity, AWR-460DB
  • Dual zone wine cooler
  • Three-panel glass doors
  • Three-pane manipulated
  • Check Price
    Newair Beverage Refrigerator Cooler, AB-1200B
  • Durable construction
  • Complementary design
  • Double-Paned doors
  • Check Price

    Newair Wine Cooler Reviews

    Let’s get started with Newair Wine Cooler Reviews and see which one is the best for you.

    1. Newair AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

    At just 15 inches wide, 34 inches tall, and 23 inches deep, this wine cooler can be placed under the counter or used as a freestanding unit. Many people have put it in place of the trash compactor to liven up their space.

    We always have a great experience with their quality products: they are faithful to their motto of excellence.


    • Adjustable beech wood shelves slide smoothly.
    • The upper zone is for a white wine with a temperature range of 40 to 50 F, while the lower zone is for reds with a range of 50 to 66 F
    • It has minimal vibrations to avoid altering the wine sediment.
    • Quiet operation: New Air claims that noise does not exceed 39 decibels.
    • It carries an intuitive control panel.
    • Reversible door provides greater flexibility in terms of location
    • Dimension: 22.50 ″ L x 14.88 ″ W x 33.75 ″ H
    • Temperature zone: dual-zone cooling

    Our Verdict

    The AWR-290DB is a meaningless NewAir wine cooler – it’s sweetly priced and offers a lot of value for money.


    • Locking mechanism to keep collection safe
    • Attractive blue lighting illuminates the interior
    • Tinted glass to limit the penetration of UV rays.
    • dual temperature zones
    • Keeps 29 wine bottles easily accessible on sliding and adjustable beech wood shelves


    • Its compact looks beautiful features dual-zone cooling and can be placed almost anywhere.
    • There are a few quality review reports here and there, but buyers can choose the extended warranty for complete peace of mind.

    2. Newair Wine Cooler 160 Bottle Chiller, AWR-1600DB

    This is one of the best wine coolers for avid lovers and collectors. It has front ventilation and can, therefore, be installed flush with the surrounding cabinets or used as a separate refrigerator.

    Its custom beech wood shelves with gold interior lighting make it quite attractive!


    • Showcase your wine collection in style – golden interior lighting is rare compared to ubiquitous blue and feels premium
    • Intuitive buttons with digital display allow users to set temperature/lighting in seconds
    • 15 beechwood 3-rail sliding shelves slide smoothly forward, making it easy to load and unload premium wine bottles without scratching
    • Its dual-zone refrigeration for red and white wine: store wines at the perfect serving temperature.
    • Triple-layer glass with smoke tint adds a premium touch and protects your precious wine collection from potentially damaging UV rays.

    Our Verdict

    This is a very solid wine cooler; It does almost everything well and its exquisite appearance will dazzle guests. The cost is a little high, but you get much cooler for the price.

    We recommend this model for people who want to store wine in the right conditions and want to enjoy it without compromising taste and aroma.


    • Powerful compressor cooling technology.
    • Temperature range from 40 to 66 ° F.


    • Shelves are a bit tight for Burgundy bottles. It can accommodate them, but the total load capacity decreases with larger bottles.
    • Compressor cooled units are not as quiet as those with thermometric technology.

    3. Newair AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle

    Last, but definitely not least, inclusion on our aforementioned list of the best NewAir wine cooler is one of the manufacturer’s own largest, most expensive, and most popular flagship devices.


    • This Newair dual zone wine cooler is equipped with powerful compressor cooling technology, ensuring rapid and effective cooling in both zones.
    • With a separate temperature control on both compartments, the top compartment can adjust the temperature from 40 degrees F to 50 degrees F and from 50 degrees F to 66 degrees F in the lower zones, respectively.
    • Suitable for storing red and white wines, each of the compartments can be controlled separately with digital temperature control buttons and LCD displays to monitor internal conditions.
    • The cool blue LED light inside also helps to increase the visibility of the interior of the wine cellar with the help of seeing through the glass door.
    • The 11 adjustable Beachwood finishes help to easily store bottles, as well as easy and hassle-free loading and unloading.

    Our Verdict

    The 116 bottle new air wine cooler is designed exclusively for professional use as it has 116 bottle wine storage space.

    Thus, it is very expensive in terms of size, but still, the size and functionality make it a perfect choice for any bar or restaurant.


    • Fast and powerful compressor cooling technology
    • Blue LED interior light for better visibility inside the refrigerator.
    • Extremely noiseless operation
    • 11 Beachwood Shelves
    • Precise temperature control.


    • The price is in the expensive range

    4. Newair NWC029SS01 Wine Cooler

    Store your harvest collection properly with this Newair 12 Inch Wine Cooler with Compressor.

    It holds 19 standard-size bottles horizontally for proper ageing, and its wooden sliding shelves are height adjustable to help with organization. Select a temperature of 40-66 degrees F for this Newair Compressor Wine Cooler to suit the type of wine you are chilling.


    • Indoor LED lighting: NewAir Cool blue LED lighting is included to better illuminate your collection.
    • Adjustable Wood Shelves: 6 removable beach wood shelves for easy bottle loading when needed and convenient accessibility.
    • Stainless Steel Fit – From door to handle, attractive stainless steel design enhances the look of your collection.
    • The quiet, compressor-based fan cooling system circulates the air evenly and includes a carbon filter to keep the air around your wine cool.
    • Add adjustable beech wood shelves and a stainless steel finish, and this refrigerator has timeless appeal.
    • Add adjustable beech wood shelves and a stainless steel finish, and this refrigerator has timeless appeal.

    Our Verdict

    The NewAir 29-Bottle Dual-Zone 15 “Compact Wine Cooler easily slides between standard base cabinets to create a cellar in your kitchen. You can stand alone anywhere you like.

    Despite being only 15 inches Wide, this refrigerator offers two refrigerator zones to store up to 29 bottles of red and white wines at temperatures ideal for serving.

    It is an ideal product for the home.


    • The silent compressor is ideal for kitchens, barns, garages, and more.
    • Capacity 29 bottles
    • Accurate digital thermostats


    • Certainly not

    5. Newair Beverage Cooler 22 Bottle and 70 Can, AWB-400DB

    This new wine cooler is ideal for those who appreciate wine and a good beer. The upper area is for beer / soft drinks, while the lower area is dedicated to wine.


    • Works equally well as a standalone or built-in refrigerator, thanks to front ventilation.
    • The upper zone (beer) can be adjusted between 36 and 50 ° F, while the lower zone (wine) can be adjusted between 55 and 66 ° F. The upper zone can also be used to store white wine since it is generally served at a temperature below red.
    • Blue interior LED lighting looks futuristic, especially in conjunction with stainless steel trim.
    • The intelligent “SPLITSHELF” design allows users to place a modular shelf half where it is most needed.
    • This helps to use the space more efficiently: cans can be stacked twice and larger bottles are no longer a problem.

    Our Verdict

    This is a versatile beverage cooler and we recommend it whenever you are satisfied with the temperature ranges.


    • Effective and powerful compressor cooling.
    • The racks slide smoothly.
    • It has two zones with independent temperature settings.


    • Existing customers complain that the top section doesn’t cool the beer, as some people prefer it. Ideally, a quality beer should be served between 42 and 48 ° F (6 to 9 ° C).
    • Anything underneath that is too cold and connoisseurs will not appreciate the taste. However, having said all that, it is an individual taste.

    6. Newair Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle Capacity, AWR-460DB

    The next inclusion in the aforementioned list of the best NewAir wine cooler is the manufacturer’s flagship AWR-460DB, which is primarily intended for professional use due to its large 46 bottle storage capacity and highly efficient functionality.


    • Manufactured from a combination of stainless steel outer body and wood-finished bench, the latter is intended to keep wine bottles safe and easy to remove when needed.
    • Another interesting feature of this particular wine cooler is the three-pane manipulated glass on the door, which is not only shock and break-resistant.
    • It also helps maintain internal temperature by preventing a significant amount of sunlight from reaching the interior of the refrigerator.
    • This 46 bottles new air wine cooler is suitable for storing both red and white wines in respective compartments with individual temperature settings.
    • The state-of-the-art front panel ventilation system allows the user to build the wine cooler under any cabinet or simply keep it as a separate wine cooler anywhere in the dining room or kitchen.
    • The blue LED light inside the refrigerator also helps the user to see what is inside the refrigerator and also increases the beauty quotient of the appliance.

    Our Verdict

    The first dual-tone wine cooler on our list, this particular one has the widest temperature range starting from temperatures as low as 40 degrees F to as high as 66 degrees F.


    • One of the widest ranges of temperature control.
    • Dual-zone wine cooler
    • Three-panel glass doors.


    • Bit expensive

    7. Newair Beverage Refrigerator Cooler, AB-1200B

    The NewAir 126 Can Beverage Fridge is our best seller for a reason: Adjustable shelves let you create custom storage for cans and bottles of different sizes, and the spacious design stores more than 20 full packs of six to keep you fully stocked.


    • Powerful refrigeration cools beverages to 37 degrees.
    • The spacious design contains 126 cans in a stylish black onyx design.
    • This independent unit is both durable and attractive with stainless steel and black finish that will surely improve any decoration
    • Removable storage shelves create space for cans, bottles, and more.
    • The Set-and-forget-it thermostat comes with 7 custom settings.
    • This refrigerator comes with adjustable leveling feet that can be modified according to your requirements. The NewAir 126 Can Beverage Center has a temperature range of 34-64 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be adjusted at your convenience.
    • Freestanding design is ideal for homes, offices, bedrooms, and more.
    • Enjoy the benefits of 7 individual thermostat settings.
    • This NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler lets you chill your drinks the way you want. Using a powerful compressor cooler, this AB-1200 can cool your drinks from 34 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Security lock and key for peace of mind.

    Our Verdict

    NewAir’s 126 Can Beverage Cooler is made of high-quality stainless steel for unmatched strength and durability.

    This refrigerator offers enough storage space for you and your guests to be well supplied.


    • Imported from the USA
    • Durable Construction and Complementary Design
    • Double-Paned Doors 


    • Not specifically

    Buying Guide on Newair Wine Cooler

    • First, it can be said that the food refrigerator is perfectly capable of keeping wine fresh.
    • However, recent tests show that using a wine cooler results in keeping that liquid at the correct temperature required for the best flavor.
    • You don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy the vast varieties available, but with a wine cellar:
    • You will soon become an expert in knowing your favorites and flavors.
    • Then you will realize how important it is to serve red, white, and rosé wines at different temperatures.
    • Ask yourself, would you serve a cup of hot, cold chocolate in the dead of winter? It wouldn’t make much sense; hot chocolate would not give you much pleasure if it does not heat you up, as its name implies.
    • Now that we have analyzed exactly who the wine coolers are for, it is time to take a look at the various types of wine coolers available on the market.
    • When choosing the right wine cooler for your exact needs, you should be aware of the fact that there are many different types of wine coolers.
    • There are three main types of wine coolers that are known as compressor units and thermoelectric units & NewAir Wine Cooler.

    Compressor units

    Each of these wine coolers works using a different cooling mechanism and mechanical component. Depending on what your specific wine storage preferences are, one of these wines cooler models will be better optimized for your storage needs compared to the other options.

    The wine coolers in the compressor unit operate using its primary function, which is a vapour compression refrigeration system that uses a refrigerant gas to transfer heat from inside the unit so that it can be expelled

    Thermoelectric units

    Thermoelectric wine coolers work by sending an electrical current through two small metal sheets that combine. The two metal sheets are made of separate materials on each side, generating a heat flux that transfers heat from one side of the unit to the other. This makes one part of the chiller much hotter than the other parts, however, it is a very efficient way of chilling the wine to the desired temperature you want.

    One of the main drawbacks you’ll notice when using a thermoelectric wine cooler is that you can’t chill your wine below 50 degrees. Thermoelectric wine coolers also pose a potential health risk, so they are generally not recommended for areas that heat above 80 degrees at any given time.

    NewAir Wine Cooler

    NewAir Wine Coolers come with many unique and innovative features that help you chill your wine perfectly. In the next section, we’ll cover some of the main features that you may have access to when using a NewAir wine cooler.

    • Most NewAir wine chillers come with a digital display temperature control interface that allows you to adjust the interior temperature of the chiller at any time
    • Cooler options available that can go down to 39 degrees
    • Specific models come with adjustable wooden shelves so you can optimize your storage space the way you choose
    • Dual-zone wine coolers available that allow you to chill multiple types of wine varieties at the same time
    • Stand-alone compact wine cooler design models that can fit in several different spaces and areas
    • Very well designed and modern themed wine coolers that work well and look great

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Final Words

    So ultimately these are the best new air wine coolers that are rated with various features in mind such as bottle capacity, performance, and reliability. Therefore, we can choose the best of these based on our requirements and storage capacity. I hope my comment is helpful to you and thanks for reading my comment as you spend your valuable time.

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