How to Fix the Problems with a Leaking Water Cooler?

This article is about leaking water cooler problems and how to overcome them. You are going to find this helpful if you have any leaking problems. Any water cooler can leak. Especially the older ones or those that you have misused in any way. Because we really do not know how to maintain our house equipment best anyone can have this issue.

A leaking water cooler should not bring you worries or stress though. You do not need to involve a plumber in the issue and it can be resolved on your own. A leaking water cooler can be restored, fixed, or stopped at the heart of the issue with minimal hacks and fixtures. A good water cooler will allow you to take care of your drinking needs.

Hot water is barely drinkable, especially in hot and humid weather. Cool water is rather refreshing and beneficial to restore lost energy levels especially if you are on a trip or camping for example. A portable cooler can make your life easier.  Whether you need to fix your portable water cooler or a home fixed cooler, we have a solution for everything.

Hence if you are looking for a quick and simple way to store absolutely and leakage issues on your water cooler then this guide can come in as very handy for you. So, let’s get to work.

Problems involved in a Leaking Water Cooler

There are various types of leakages. You might have to look for the main issue to help it and cure the problem in a way that it does not return. The problems involved can range from a broken base of the cooler, broken insulation, damaged insulation or body, a gap in the cap of the cooler, or holes in the interior of the cooler.

Leaking Water Cooler

If you can feel that a cooler is leaking but can not find a leakage then it is best to fill it up with water directly, then let that sit. The water will show the leak after some time. Or you can notice where most of the water collects by managing the cooler from various angles, and positions.

Broken Parts that May Cause a Problem

You may also be able to look for a loose spout or spigot, or even a crack in the interior of the body of the cooler. This can be apparent to the naked eye and you can also check it by hitting it lightly with a solid item such as a wrench. Plus, it is important to note that your water leak can be due to the damage to the water cooler itself or due to its age. Some water coolers expire and are no longer helpful after 5-6 years of use.

Other superior coolers may even last up to 10 years or so. The inside of your water cooler includes small parts that are prone to leakage upon misuse. These include gaskets, rings, and seals. If one of these parts is broken or damaged then you may experience a leak.

How to Fix a Leaking Water Cooler?

One of the ways to fix and the obvious leak is to patch the broken crack or part of the cooler that is causing the problem. This can be done with a glue gun or any silicon gun. You can also patch the area with poutine or another heavy-duty patch item.

Some coolers use various types of insulation and in case there is an issue in the insulation sheet then you will have to settle for a new sheet in the cooler. This means that you might need to add a layer of thermopile cool or some foil related material inside the cooler to keep it from leaking the coolness of the water.

You might also need to make sure that the lid fits perfectly and its rubber does not need to be replaced. With the rubber, things can get messy upon opening and using it again and again. If there is not a rubber layer to grip the cap onto the cooler then you may need to check if the shape of the cooler is intact. Faulty shapes of reshaping can also cause a lot of problems.

Ultimate Solution:

If you find that the cooler has several leakages then it may be important to replace the cooler entirely. More leakages may mean that either you have been throwing and kicking your cooler into directions and ways that it is not designed to. It may also mean that the cooler has gotten old. So in such a case rather than trying to restore the cooler you should actually spend on a new one and the kind that is stronger and better.

You must only invest in a cooler from a reputed brand. There are many cheaper options available in the market. You do not want to use those because they will give you a lot of pain and problems making it not worth your precious time and money. A good cooler will keep you stress-free.

Final Words

A leaking cooler can be fixed, an old cooler can be restored. If you are in a pinch or on a trip and the problem occurs there then there are many short terms hacks as well. These include patching the cooler or layering it with an insulated jacket, or even a leather piece. Using paper plates in the cooler can also add a security layer to prevent any dew to penetrate into the cracks of the cooler and making it thick.

So we hope that this was helpful. Just remember to buy from a good brand that provides you added durability and stability in any kind of time, especially when you need it the most like when you are out of the home or out of your comfort zone.

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