Igloo Yukon 70 Cooler Review


  • Reliable ice life 
  • Optimum storage capacity 
  • Virtually indestructible build 
  • Oversized tethered drain plug
  • Corrosion-resistant steel lining 


  • Hauling this cooler would have been easier with wheels
  • Bulky exteriors 

Adventurers and travellers root for sturdy coolers that support their activities and stay solid for years. But sadly, the influx of low-quality coolers in the past few years has made this choice difficult. When you start searching for a reliable hard cooler, you’ll see endless options, all ready to overwhelm you with their claims. If you purchase a cooler without properly researching its features, you’re likely to waste your money and effort. 

But fret not because some manufacturers still hold their quality bars high. One such manufacturer is Igloo – always ready to improve your gear collection and support your goals. One thing we particularly admire about Igloo is its product variety. You can find everything from this brand, from a small cooler to the one where you can load up a week’s refreshments. 

Igloo Yukon 70 is a bulky cooler for your family outings and long trips. You can stock chilled items for a whole week in this hefty cooler and get going. But is this cooler really worth the bucks? That’s a question we often encounter; hence, we decided to look deeper into this cooler and see what makes it unique. Do you want to know more about this cooler too? We heard you. 

Igloo Yukon 70 Cooler Dimensions

Igloo Yukon is a big boy – it’s not a cooler you can move around without asking for help. Since this big cooler is designed to support your food storage needs on extended adventures, it’s understandably heavy. 

  • 35.50 inches long 
  • 17.19 inches wide 
  • 20.38 inches deep 

Apart from its dimensions, this cooler has a large footprint as well because of its thick corners. So, if you think you can adjust this cooler in a narrow place or easily lug it around, you’re mistaken. This Igloo Yukon non-wheeled cooler is made for teams, and it takes team effort as well. You’ll definitely need some assistance to port this cooler. 

Primary Features of the Igloo Yukon Cooler that Set it Apart 

Igloo Yukon coolers are well-known for their construction standards and insulation. If you live in a hot and humid region or travel to one, you need a freezer-grade portable icebox. Thankfully, the Igloo Yukon non-wheeled cooler is reliable and capable enough of handling the everyday heat. You don’t have to worry about ice retention or heat repulsion while working with the Igloo Yukon 70 cooler, all thanks to its construction. 

Rough-tough Rotomolded Construction 

This sturdy cooler features solid rotomolded construction that doesn’t give in to everyday wear and tear. The Igloo Yukon 70 cooler’s construction makes it virtually indestructible and solid. Whether this cooler collides against a hard surface or falls from somewhere, it won’t get dented. This cooler’s main construction is polypropylene, later lined with stainless steel to increase its durability.

Yukon 70 Cooler capacity

The corrosion-resistant steel and pressure-filled polypropylene walls make this cooler a tough buddy. Another worth-mentioning feature of this cooler is its IGBC-certified build. You can keep this cooler out in the wild without risking the wildlife’s safety. 

The Igloo Yukon 70 cooler is made from food-grade material to keep your perishables safe and ready for consumption. This cooler’s thick gasket prevents condensation and traps cold air to keep your food the same and consumable.  

Pressure-injected Insulation 

The Igloo Yukon non-wheeled cooler comes with pressure-injected Polyurethane insulation to offer impressive ice retention. This cooler has three-inch-thick insulation in the lid and two-inch-thick insulation in its body, collectively making a solid shield against the heat. 

This cooler also features exclusive cool riser technology that reduces condensation to keep your food and drinks as it is. Another factor adding to the Igloo Yukon cooler’s ice retention capacity is its moulded gasket. This gasket works as a lock for the cold air, ensuring it doesn’t evaporate and stays inside. 

The Igloo Yukon 70 cooler offers an ice life of 7 days and a food safety limit of 10 days. When you stock up to 70-quarts of consumables in this cooler and head out for a long trip, it proves to be a true treasure for you.

Practical and Durable Design

We are always impressed with Igloo coolers’ designs and ergonomics; this one is no exception. This 70-quart cooler comes with looped ABS latches that don’t snap or let themselves lose during extreme heat. These looped latches ensure your cooler’s lid stays tightly closed, and no amount of cold air escapes it. 

Yukon 70 Cooler Durability

The Igloo Yukon non-wheeled cooler’s non-skid rubber feet make it more travel-friendly. You can keep this cooler in your car trunk and get going. Now even if the road is uneven or you’re off-roading, this giant cooler won’t leave its place, and your edibles will be safe. This cooler’s big drain plug helps you quickly remove the excess liquid and clean your cooler without lifting it up. If the ice melts inside your cooler or you spill something inside, quickly pull the threaded drain plug and get rid of the excess liquid. You also get a built-in ruler with this cooler that lets you measure your catch and process it accordingly. 

Final Thoughts on the Igloo Yukon 70 Cooler

Igloo coolers can beat any brand in durability and ice retention. This 70-quart cooler is the best choice for family picnics and other long excursions where you don’t have another food storage option. You can stock everything in this bulky cooler, close its press-injected lid and get going. You’ll enjoy seven days of ice retention and incredible strength with this cooler. Sure, this Igloo Yukon non-wheeled cooler is expensive, but its high-end features and durability standards make it worth every penny. 

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