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The cooler’s design is stylish enough to compete with almost any other cooler out there. A foam additive moulded into the cooler ensures that it will not warp when exposed to the sun over long periods of time.

Although not many, some broken moulded coolers with warp in the sun, and we have seen it in our Ice Challenges. The Cordova provides ice retention ability comparable to that of other coolers, including Yeti and Pelican, yet it is lighter.

After years and years of scouring the 7 Gates of Cooler Hell and testing out everything from ridiculously expensive YETIs (like this one) to ridiculously cheap insulated lunch bags, we figured we’d seen just about everything the cooler industry had to offer.

Well, thanks to Cordova Coolers, we were wrong. And, in this very own Cordova Coolers review, we’re going to tell you why.

As of early 2017, Cordova is one of the newer entries into the premium rotomolded cooler market – and mercy I do they know how to make an entrance.

They’re currently marketing their 100% US-made coolers as having the best ice retention in the world, and we have to say things have some pretty sleek lines and legitimate-looking features that could have a good time. names shaking in their boots now.

In this review, we will test several different Cordova rigid wall coolers. We will also briefly review some of the other Cordova products.

Cordova Line of Soft Coolers

Córdoba also has a small line of soft coolers. Specifically, they currently offer a soft-sided cooler as well as a cooler backpack. In terms of storage capacity, you can expect the soft-sided cooler to hold around 16 cans and the coolest backpack raises it to around 36 cans. We hope to have some of these in our hands in the future so we can write a more complete review of them.

Cordova Glasses

Cordova Drinkware

It’s also worth noting (but not reviewed in this article) the various Cordova drinking items. You’ll find glasses that include a 10 oz, 20 oz, and 32 oz model. In addition to this, Cordova also has some specialized water jugs that use manufacturing characteristics similar to those of its rigid coolers. Nicknamed Hydro Jug, these come in 3.5 and 5-gallon models.

Cordova 35 Small Cooler

First, at the smaller end of the line, the brand highlights the Cordova 35, which is a small but extremely practical refrigerator.

In fact, the cooler we have on hand is compact in size, but is capable of handling up to 28 cans, which is enough for small game anglers, picnic lovers, and the regular Joe who loves to drink with. a friend in the woods.

Cordova 50 Medium Cooler

Second in line is the Cordova 50, which is almost twice the size of the previous model, making it better suited for intermediate fishermen, hunters, and campers.

This cooler is large enough to hold 42 cans, equivalent to a large quantity of fish.

Features of Cordova Refrigerators

Before buying any product, one thing we always look at is what makes this product different from the rest. What is special about this product is that the offer seems irresistible? Let’s look at the features and specifications of the Cordova icebox that drives consumers to choose it.

  • Rugged Design: With a rugged design and strong construction, these coolers are ready to face the outbreak of Mother Nature. Along with this, Cordova offers the lifetime warranty that sets Cordova apart from other brands. Whatever comes your way, Córdoba promises to face any kind of adventure.
  • Mobility: Another impressive thing that Cordova Ice Chest has is its handles and that makes a big difference. With the CNC Machine Handled technology installed in Cordova refrigerators, it is quite easy to transport the refrigerators. Your hands will not suffer when holding or carrying refrigerators. Attached bottle opener built into all sides of the coolers, you don’t have to waste your time looking for an opener. Discover the bottle opener on all sides of the aluminium handles.
  • Innovative technology: Another notable thing in Cordova Ice Chest is its patented lid lock System. What makes them so interesting is the fact that it offers a patented lid-locking system so you don’t have to manually hold the lid. The Lid Lock system prevents the lid from hitting your hand. Cordova Ice Chest comes with a built-in trey that is just as impressive. Trey gives a great grip on food and drinks so he doesn’t fall off. That is quite innovative and exclusive.
  • Great Ice Life: All the features Cordova Ice Chest offers will be useless if the coolers can’t hold ice any longer. We saw that Cordova Coolers can hold ice for 10 days. To verify such a claim, we tested the ice retention of the Cordova ice chest. For the larger cooler, you can expect a 10-day ice retention period. But our result was that the largest refrigerator can see 7 days of the ice retention period. This seems pretty impressive. As it descends in smaller coolers, ice retention decreases. The smallest Tailgate 25 has approximately 2 days of ice retention.

Wrap up

As mentioned above, Cordova coolers are very versatile, which means they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to suit different market needs.

So if you are a full or part-time fisherman/hunter, a camper, or someone who has to go on daily trips and needs a pocket to keep his lunch frozen, Cordova has you covered.

If you decided to go for a Cordova cooler, you may have to pay a little more than the average, but it’s still less than you would pay for a Yeti and less impressive performance.

Come see it, Cordova really does present a great return on your investment and it’s worth a try.

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