How to Choose a Cooler Using the Cooler Size Chart?

Instead of leaving it to luck, leave it to maths. Here is how a cooler sizing chart is going to help you choose the right kind of cooler that is well suited for your trip.  This chart contains the corresponding size of the cooler that you are going to need depending on the number of people and the number of days you are to spend on the trip.

These values are given for a single day trip, if however, you are to stay there for longer or headed say out in the woods for a while then the values are bound to change. This means that you must get a larger size if you are looking to stay for longer.

If not, then you can use the same ice and refill the box with newer drinks and food supplies. This will help you chill them right before use. Although refilling the icebox with warm drinks will not bear the same results as the ice’s first use and use with pre-chilled drinks from a refrigerator it may help you get something rather than nothing when spending time in the wild or on the road.

So without any further delay, let’s get into the cooler size chart and see what you need for your trip and adventures to come:

 Cooler Size Chart

Number of PeopleNumber of daysCooler Size
2 people10-20 quarts
3 people120-30 quarts
4 people130-45 quarts
5 people145-60 quarts
6 people160-75 quarts
7 people175+ quarts

How to Choose the Ice or Water Cooler Size Using the Cooler Size Chart:

The main factors that will influence your decision or the expectations of the chart are as follows. Please read them out for you to be able to make sure that you are choosing a suitable option that you can reuse later in life and works well for this time as well.

The Number of Days

The number of days that your trip will last is going to be the number one factor influencing your purchase along with the number of people.

The Number of Drinks or Food Items You want to Place in

Whether you want your cooler to be filled with cans and drinks only or are you taking food supplies too will also determine the size required. The above-mentioned chart is suitable for several cans of drinks. You can also add additional space for food supplies such as cheese, or marinades.

Required ice to Drinks Ratio

Some people compromise on the ice ratio and other coolers require lesser ice. There may be some cheaper brands that may even require more ice to be filled than the drinks in it. In this case, you may need a much better size or a larger size so that there is no compromise on the number of drinks in it.

Required Ice Retention

If you want the ice to stay in longer or the cooler is cheaper then too you may want to size up.

Brand and Space

The brand will also determine the space of the cooler or in the cooler. Some coolers are not built in a way that you can pack the most in them so you have to be conscious. If you invest in a high brand option you may be able to pack more without having to add a lot of ice. This is going to give you better use out of your number of quarts chosen.

Space in the Vehicle and on the Trip

You can not buy a very large cooler if the trunk or the backside of your car is a smaller one. If you want to get something that is creative then you must have space for it. If you are going on a small boat then you need to vary the size. You must not carry something that is uncomfortable for everyone, especially you as you will take care of it.

Duration of the Trip

Lastly, the number of days is also a minor factor that is going to change the size required for you. This means the longer the trip, the larger your box cooler will have to be. Yes, you can reuse the ice, it just may not be as effective though.

Number of Users

If you are willing to choose a cooler that is suitable for one trip only or you plan to never use it again, then you will need to get a 0-20 quarts sized cooler for 2 people. If you are a group of 3 people then you will need a 20-30 quarts option. For a larger group, you will need 30-45 quarts, this will suit around 3 to 4 people. For 5 people a cooler of 45-60 quarts will be enough.

If you are 6 or more people then you should look at options that are 60+ quarts. However, if you plan on reusing it again and again and you take quite a lot of trips then you should invest in an option that suits the average size of your group on an ordinary trip.

Reusing requires your cooler to be of a standard size. If you are bound to take one-day trips then you can take the smaller sizes. If you go on longer trips then you may also need to consider if you are willing to add warm drinks or drinks from a nearby shop as a refill to the cooler or not.

Bottomline on the Cooler Size Chart

All of these factors together will help you make a fair decision. Once you evaluate everything properly you will be less likely to regret your choice later in life. This is because most high-end coolers will last you a long time even decades of use.

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