Top 6 Best Allavino Wine Cooler | Reviews & Buying Guide

Allavino is one of the well-reputed manufacturers for launching a huge line of wine coolers either thermoelectric wine coolers or Compressor wine coolers. Allavino is successful at offering luxury-touched wine refrigerators at a great affordable price with a lot of goods than competitors.

Not only do they let you save a lot of money on a cost-efficient design but also offer great compatibility so you can keep up your partying games. They are making both compressor and thermoelectric wine coolers coming in a range of all sizes to match the needs of all the buyers at all possible scales.

The article below defines the 6 best allavino wine cooler reviews and also explains a detailed buying guide so you can decide knowingly.

Among all the top 6 options, the one that’s Editor’s personal favourite is the Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Cooler that comes as a 30-bottle capacity wine cooler featuring a temperature range of 41-64oF meaning it is equally efficient for red and white wine. It also features a cool blue light and FlexCount shelving system that make it super reliable.

Best Allavino Wine Cooler

Without further ado, let’s have a look at all the fascinating options.

Image Product Features Price
Editors’ Pick
Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Cooler
  • 30-bottle capacity
  • Versatile design
  • Amazingly reliable
  • Check Price
    Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
  • 46-65°F temperature
  • 20 bottle capacity
  • Temperature never swing
  • Check Price
    Kalamera 15″ Wine Cooler
  • 30 bottle capacity
  • 40-66°F temp range
  • Security lock
  • Check Price
    NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler
  • 29 bottle storage capacity
  • LED illumination
  • Easy Digital Control Panel
  • Check Price
    Phiestina Dual Zone Wine Cooler
  • 33 bottle capacity
  • 2 thermostat settings
  • Strong compressor chilling
  • Check Price
    EdgeStar CWF380DZ Wine Cooler
  • 34 bottle capacity
  • Dual temperature zone
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Check Price

    Allavino Wine Cooler Reviews

    Let’s get started with the Allavino wine cooler reviews and see which one is the best.

    1. Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN is a nice 30-bottle capacity wine cooler that has been designed intelligently to keep bottles of varying sizes/diameters with ease. It impresses the users with its impressive shelving idea and great functionality. Let’s discuss the reasons why it’s the first pick of our list of allavino wine cooler reviews.


    Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN comes with a storage capacity of 30 bottles at a time. Its shelving idea is impressive as it features more space between shelves to occupy bottles of varying sizes. This means the wine lovers with diverse tastes are going to love this so far.

    Temperature is of utmost importance and this wine refrigerator features full-range digital temperature control with push-button controls so you can easily monitor, manage, and adjust the temperature.

    It features a temperature range of 41-64F meaning it is equally efficient for red and white wine. It also features a cool blue light that illuminates the inner without being pesky for the wines.

    The design is featuring a FlexCount shelving system that is reliable enough to support even bulkier bottles without any risk of sagging. There’s enough space between shelves to store bottles of different sizes and also, the shelves are designed to glide out smoothly on a ball-bearing system assuring the easiest access and better grip.

    Furthermore, the shelves are embellished with stainless steel fronts and wooden slats that restrict any vibrations while snuggling the bottles.

    This wine cooler is a nicer blend of tradition with modernity. With its black exterior and stainless steel-framed glass doors, it offers a nice traditional cellar look while also offering the most recent cooling technology for desperately chilled beverages.

    Other impressive features include internal fans for air circulation, low energy utilization, low noise operation, built-in front venting, and less vibrational storage.

    Our Verdict

    With the most impressive versatility, front venting system, and energy-efficient functionality, this Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN is winning many hearts as it can be used for a variety of needs seamlessly.


    • Versatile design
    • Energy efficient
    • Low noise operation
    • Fewer vibrations
    • Front venting system
    • Impressive shelve design


    • Noise

    2. Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    The next one on our list is this amazing 20-bootle wine cooler by Whynter. If you’re buying a tiny low bucket wine cooler with a cool modern touch for your countertop, this thermoelectric-based Whynter Cooler can be a good candidate for your consideration. This cooler offers premium quality packed in an innovative design.


    This thermoelectric cooler by Whynter offers an outsized storage capacity of 20 standard wine bottles that can easily be settled in its professionally designed storage space. The 20 storage capacity is enough for most of the needs and suffices any fun time.

    The design of this cooler is made with brilliance and the proof is its shady clear or kind of transparent mirror-type glass door that gives the wines inside the cooler an extra UV ray shelter which might otherwise have suppressed the quality of the wine.

    It offers superior UV protection because these harmful rays are the biggest enemies of the quality of the wine.

    With a shiny black cabinet appearance, it also features a space-saving design that doesn’t impose much of the footprint and hence can be stored anywhere.

    Other than this, with its solid handle having 5 removable instalments, it’s quite convenient to use and assures longer reliability along with satisfactory durability. It is going to go for long with you.

    Lastly, with its stainless-steel-made shortened gratin chrome shelves, this is a definite great choice for any wine enthusiast out there.

    The cooler also leads by offering an ideal freezing temperature of 46°F – 65°F, with a soft-touch digital instrument panel, making it a big plus for anyone.

    A Soft interior and LED lighting with an on/off switch are other handy features that make it a best-grade bucket with an attractive design.

    Our Verdict

    This is a good-looking freestanding or countertop bucket with a capacity. Taking into consideration the capacity and every one of the features this pail packs, you would possibly end up wondering how you managed as a growing wine enthusiast without it.


    • Transparent glass door
    • Good, sizable capacity
    • Wide temperature range
    • Simply shelve adjustments
    • Steady temperature accuracy


    • Limited placing space

    3. Kalamera 15″ Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    Kalamera is a compact and sturdy-looking nicely designed wine cooler with the most exciting features to keep up the young spirits. The cooler is designed to store the wine bottles in the most persistent and silent environment that wouldn’t disturb the natural chemistry of the wine and will help it maximize its taste and powerful aroma.


    This great option by Kalamera comes with a storage capacity of 30 bottles at a time. With an impressive and convenient shelving design, it features enough space to store bottles of varying sizes. This means the wine lovers with diverse tastes are going to love this so far.

    This wine refrigerator features digital temperature control with push-button controls so you can easily monitor, manage, and adjust the temperature. It restores the temperature if it lowers due to any reason and hence prevents a possible distortion of the wine.

    It features a modest temperature range of 40-66°F that makes it equally efficient for red and white wine. Adjustments are easy to make, thanks to its One-touch LED display.

    It also features a cool blue light that illuminates the inner without disturbing the comfort zone of the wines. The light of this cooler is light and down that offers necessary illumination on the inside but doesn’t disturb the chemistry of the wine and thus helps in assuring better tasting, chilled, and fresher sounding wines right on your table.

    With its double-layered tempered glass door on a stainless steel frame design, this wine cooler can take care of the temperature levels on the inside at its best. The glass is also fog-resistant so you can always have a new-looking wine cooler on your countertop.

    Our Verdict

    This wine cooler is a well-reputed option in the market. It offers superb merit for performance and efficiency. You’ll take comfort in knowing that this product will take the best care of your quality wine and thus, makes the best choice for you.


    • Affordable and reliable
    • One-touch LED control
    • Modest temperature range
    • Compressor cooling
    • Can store differently sized bottles


    • None

    4. NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    Nowadays, the demand for wine coolers has been significantly raised, thanks to an increase in enthusiastic wine lovers. The Newair wine cooler is one of the best buckets or chillers of the time comes with advanced features and cooling technologies that keep up the taste game of the wines and don’t interact with their natural chemistry.


    The NewAir- AWR-290DB bucket features a nice overall design with a trendy and classic-looking shelf idea to accommodate the maximum of the wine bottles with a margin of space for the bottle of any diameter.

    It also features a cool blue light that illuminates the inner without disturbing the comfort zone of the wines. With 5 sculpted chrome shelves, it can readily store up to 29 bottles of wine at optimum serving temperature.

    The shelves are smoothly sliding and adjustable so you can manage the space in different ways at different times. Also, these are made with beechwood to lure the user with appealing aesthetics.

    With just a look, it enables you to monitor the inner temperature of the wine bucket due to its suitable digital temperature display. It also comes with button controls.

    The NewAir AWR-290DB operates with a thermoelectric cooling system that does not depend on coolants or chemicals that may harm the environment and coolers are going to be vibration-free so they won’t interact with the natural chemistry of the wines keeping them fresher for longer.

    Our Verdict

    It features an attractive cabinet with a sleek chrome steel trim design that’s going to be a good addition to any room. Now you can store your wine collection in a luxurious fashion sense with this amazing design by NewAir.


    • Stores up to 29 bottles of wine
    • Interior LED illumination
    • Double Paned Glass Door
    • Compressor free cooling system
    • Beautifully designed frame


    • Inaccurate Temperature

    5. Phiestina Dual Zone Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    Philistine has also marked its name as a well-reputed manufacturer of wine coolers and offers a wide range of foremost innovative and attractive wine coolers/refrigerators. This dual zone wine cooler is elegant and modern yet efficient, quiet, and capable of maintaining temperatures with a high level of accuracy to keep the best care of wines inside


    At a very optimized and well-maintained temperature zone, this wine cooler by Phiestina is capable of storing up to 33 bottles of both red and white wines at a nice temperature so you have perfectly chilled wines right at your table with mesmerizing aroma and delicate taste.

    This highly efficient chiller uses compressor chilling technology and thus is capable of chilling the wines at their best, unlike other thermoelectric cooling systems. This wine cooler is also quieter than others and doesn’t produce much of the vibrations or noises and hence can take better care of the wines.

    The design of this amazing wine cooler lets the user enjoy an ambient touch to any space that adds more grace to the environment.

    Temperature is the very first concern when buying a cooler and with this wine cooler, you can set the thermostat at either 40-50°F or 50-66°F to have light or deep chilled wines accordingly.

    These thermostat settings make it completely reliable for any premises including home, office, business, apartment, dorm room, or any other.

    With its beach-wood-made 6 racks, it offers premium storage space along with an energy-efficient design that illuminates the interior with the help of blue LED lighting.

    Another convincing factor is the freestanding design that makes it compatible with any storage space without much of the calculations.

    Our Verdict

    With a freestanding design having a compact footprint, this red and white wine cooler works great for any scenario and any kind of chilling need. With compressor cooling and 2 thermostat settings, you can have your chilled beverages just as you love them to have.


    • 2 thermostat settings
    • Strong compressor chilling
    • Freestanding design
    • Enough of the versatile storage space


    • Compressor cooling may use more power

    6. EdgeStar CWF380DZ Wine Cooler

    Overall Rating

    The last one in our today’s list is this amazing CWF380DZ wine cooler by EdgeStar. EdgeStar is not a new name in the cooler or specifically wine cooler industry. The EdgeStar provides a reasonably broad range of appliances and home goods extending well beyond wine coolers.


    The key to keeping your wines unadulterated is directly related to the temperature at which the wine is kept or stored.

    This wine cooler is designed by keeping in mind the large-scale needs of the users. This is why it features a storage capacity of 34 bottles at a time. This freestanding bucket could be a great bucket for those having limited space and not needing a bigger storage capacity.

    This design comes with adjustable shelving so if you’re thinking to play with different liquors at different times, it would be the best solution as you can store bottles of any size by adjusting the shelves.

    Although the cooler is storing 34 standard-sized bottles at a time the storage capacity varies as the size of the bottle varies.

    This wine cooler is offering dual temperature zones for chilled beverages just as you want and also features a reversible door for ultimate convenience.

    You can keep your wine cooler at the safe end by using the most convenient towel bar handles and a built-in security lock.

    With this wine cooler, you can set the thermostat at either 40-54°F or 54-64°F to have light or deep chilled wines accordingly.

    Our Verdict

    For those who plan to play with versatility and want a largely accommodating freestanding wine cooler, then this cooler is for them. This unit is additionally quite an energy-efficient design that produces minimal heat within the cooling process. The planning of the cooler is extremely clean and classy.


    • Accessible shelves
    • Dual temperature zone
    • Affordable and reliable
    • 34 bottle capacity
    • Double Paned Glassdoor
    • Security Lock


    • Can not be used as a built-in cooler

    Buying Guide on Allavino Wine Cooler

    The rising need has given momentum to the variety of wine coolers in the market. Several reasons gave rise to the evolution of different designs and types of Wine Coolers and we are going to put a light on different factors to help you out in choosing the right one.

    If you couldn’t pick the best one from the list of allavino wine cooler reviews, then this guide is for you. The following are the factors you do need to consider before buying a wine cooler.

    Type of the Wine Cooler:

    Usually, in the market, we see many types of wine coolers and 2 common types of coolers come under the names compressor wine coolers and thermoelectric wine coolers. Both types of wine coolers have their goods associated with some odds or you can say both lacks at some points.

    The thermoelectric wine cooler is good at the preservation of wine at its best and it does not use much electricity. These coolers feature an environmental-friendly mechanism for cooling. Also, they do not use any heavy equipment and hence are lighter and easier to move. Their design makes them the best fit for rooms and apartments.

    Whereas the compressor wine coolers chill the wines way better than the thermoelectric wine coolers. They also offer 2 zone temperatures that let the user cool the wines as lightly chilled or super chilled. They also offer heavy bottle storage capacity to fulfil the bigger needs.

    Temp Adjustments

    Wines demand to be kept at a specific temperature range to be full of taste and fresher. Temperature more than 70°F will rapidly age the wine rapidly and lose both the flavour and aroma. Conversely, too low temperatures can freeze the wine and it may also result in pressure-released cork.

    For instance, going for a wine cooler that can offer 2 temperature zones is always the best option. And also, the compressor wine coolers exhibit better temperature adjustments than thermoelectric ones.

    To find a wine cooler that is capable of offering a temperature range of 45°F and 65°F, so you can set the best temperature that is 55°F.

    Also, make sure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as it can ruin the wine’s strength.

    Light Control

    Light can pre-age wines as they have UV rays.  This is why you need to choose a thermoelectric wine cooler coming with fluorescent bulbs as they emit low-UV light.

    Content of Humidity

    Humidity does have effects but is not as crucial as heat and light. Dry air can dry the cork that can further result in the sneak-in of air. The ideal humidity range is 70% but managing somewhere between 50-80% also works fine.

    Storage Space

    The selection of the storage space directly depends upon your personal need. If you are living alone and want a room wine cooler for yourself or some friends, you can find better options for thermoelectric wine coolers.

    And if you are finding a versatile wine cooler that can do them justice with bottles of every diameter, probably a compressor wine cooler will be the finest solution for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In our article, we’ve included Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler that is a compact and sturdy-looking nicely-made 30-bottles capacity design with the most exciting features to keep up the spirits. The cooler is designed to store the wine bottles in the most persistent and silent environment to maximize their taste and powerful aroma.

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